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As I wandered around the universe today drinking in the sound of cars zooming past on a highway that disrupts the possible serenity of this particular place, I happened to think of something I'd not yet pondered (not such a rare event, but it felt so today). I seem to slip in and out of the lives of many little humans, many, but I don't usually become a significant, stable part. I kind of just happen along whenever and conversation or interaction follows, but fairly briefly (possibly even as much as a day, but even a day is not much when put in perspective).

I also pondered why this might be, why I might not fix myself to any one little human too firmly too steadily and then it occurred to me, I don't really want that too badly. It's nice to have a person who knows you, all of you, inside and out but it's also kind of nice to just hide that part of you. I don't hide it though, not completely, it's all here. Little pieces of my soul, previously unexposed thoughts that were simply sitting in my brain waiting for the appropriate time to find their way to words and subsequently to reveal themselves to the world, or, my little net'y world here, on everything2.

This is dreamy. At first I thought it might be a bad thing that I don't seem completely in or out of anyone's life, but maybe this detatchment will be good for a time and it will work itself out with me fretting very little. And any way, the lives I seem to drift in and out of our infinitely dreamy and I should be so lucky even to share a piece of such things..

So I didn't get any great nodes in today, I didn't really accomplish much at all, but I helped warm up some tiny baby rabbits that were very cold and in need of some care. (They were born without our knowledge and under strange circumstances.) But they should be alright, now, they're all cozy in with their mother and sleeping soundly.

I guess I accomplished more than I'd set out to do, dreamy! Also I've grown quite fond of some of the little humans in #everything.. I'll make a point to go there more often. (CowboyNeal is dreamy, I maintain this above all.) So, now that I've rambled about the goings on in my personal life, I'll slip off into the e2 shadows and think about noding a bit more, or possibly just browsing through some lurid content.

Theme songs for today:

morning: "Have you seen me lately?" - Counting Crows
afternoon: "Live Through This" - Mighty Joe Plum
evening: "Recovering the Satellites" - Counting Crows
night: "Mr. Wendal" - Arrested Development

And that is that. I love you noder's.