I would like to live in Sweden
When my work is done
Where the snow lies crisp and even
'Neath the midnight sun


I can now report the following:

Stockholm was grand; montecarlo was consummate; Spiregrain was warm; izubachi was young!; mdn was, too!; panamaus was friendly; Albert Herring was crazy; meidinhell was smart; Catchpole was kindly; StrawberryFrog was elegant, as is said of code; Hugo Rune was funny, and he was also the noder I saw last, through my taxi window at three A.M., on deck to the aft of the Chapman being chatted up by a blonde in the white night of the Stockholm solstice.
Bye, bye, Sweden, I love you.

Bright and breezy, free and easy
Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, in Sweden

All of the above adjectives are more or less interchangable with the noders in question. Sadly, nowhere to be seen was the crowd of dolphin-fucking psychopaths I had assured cool beans populated the internet, prior to our departure. It must be said that I appreciate everyone being so delightful and generous, and unthinkingly indulgent of a lowly level-one noder like me. I now feel like I should get down to it, and finally make level two, though I've been told this is an effect that wears off soon enough, so let no one hold their breath, or their head in their hands at the prospect.

Tack så mycket!

My leet HTML skills have crafted a page of photos at http://homepage.eircom.net/~spinningcat/iw3n/iw2n.html. When I saw them, I immediately cut my hair.

I'll grow wings and fly to Sweden
When my time is come
Then at last my eyes shall see them
Heroes every one
Karin Larsson!
Ingmar Bergman!
Henrik Larsson!
Nina Persson!