Fap, fap, fap, fap ... "Oh, heh. Just cleaning my rifle."

In a survey reported in New Scientist., the Cancer Council of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia asked 1,079 men with prostate cancer to answer a survey describing their sexual habits, comparing those answers with 1,259 men in a control group. The data indicates that men in their twenties who ejaculated more than five (5) times a week were 30% less likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer later in life.

Previous studies found that having many sexual partners or a high frequency of sexual activity increased the risk of prostate cancer. As the Professor Graham Giles, leader of the research team, pointed out: "Men have many ways of using their prostate which don't involve women or other men".

Jacking off may prevent carcinogenic substances from building up in the prostate, lowering a man's risk of cancer. Professor Giles explained:

We hypothesise that if you're not ejaculating often enough, some of that seminal fluid remains in the ducts of the prostate for a longer time than it needs to, and that biochemical changes occur in that fluid in the ducts that might be carcinogenic.

Also, the prostate, in the course of making seminal fluid, concentrates some powerful biological molecules to a very high degree to form that seminal fluid and it's a very reactive brew of ingredients, if you like, and we feel that may be carcinogenic too.

Next thing you know, they'll be saying that pornography promotes advancements in technology. Oh wait ...

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