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I was in a hotel, but it wasn't any normal hotel, it was very industrial, metal walls, metal doors, all locked with high-tech looking locks that look like laptop touchpads (I hate those suckers).
So I'm walking down a corridor, with lots of doors on each side. I somehow know it's a hotel, which is convenient, because otherwise, I wouldn't know. But it makes sense that it's a hotel, long hallways, with doors on each side, it's like a hotel hall.
Anyhow, the floors are steel grates, beneath which I can see insulation and heating vents, and big circular fans that spin really slowly, not even fast enough to create a breeze.
So I reach the end of the corridor, and get into an elevator, which looks very complicated; tons of little rectangular buttons arranged in a large triangle on the back wall of the elevator, and each button is flanked by a small slot. The buttons are either red or green, and seem to be arranged in no pattern. I know what I'm doing, I walk into the elevator, which contains two other people, both friends of mine, one male, one female.

I remember that I knew these people, but they are "dream people", or people that I have never seen in my real life, but I know in dreams.

So I get into the elevator, with two nods of acknowledgment to my friends, and casually push a green button toward the base of the triangle.
The female friend of mine (I didn't catch either of their names) starts to show me and the male friend a ring that she removes from her finger and holds out for us to see. I notice the ring is platinum (I know this, I work in jewelery). My male friend takes it from her hand and admires it for a moment when the doors to the elevator slide open with a hydraulic sounding "whoosh".

I feel the need to note how little I knew about the elevator ride. I mean, I remember now that there was nothing inside the elevator that told you where you were in the building, no note of the floor you are on, or whether it is moving up or down, or what floor it stopped on.
I also think it is odd that the elevator made no other stops. The building seemed large, and it's strange to me that the elevator was only occupied my me and my two friends during the dream.

So as the doors open, my male friend (who was an African American who was short and bulky, like a football player almost., the girl on the other hand was Irish looking, very fair skinned, freckles and blonde hair, with a small very feminine frame), my male friend hands me the ring.
As I step out of the elevator, I look into the deep green stone (maybe an emerald) and see that it's smooth and round, rather than cut at angles to maximize the amount of light to enter the stone, thus making it more brilliant. The stone almost looks unrefined, it's so dark.
While I'm leaving the elevator, I drop the fucking ring into a tiny crack that's between the steel grates and the elevator.
I remember looking at the girl very suprised as if to say "Holy fuck!I'm sorry!". Instead of looking angry, she just looks at me with a face that reminds me of how a mother would look at a child who covers it's face in chocolate while eating a candy bar. A face that says "Aren't you silly, why'd you do that, son?".
So a moment after the ring disappears into the crack the fans turn on high blast, and all types of shit get's blown up from the grates, trash like cups and wrappers, but no ring, because it fell down the fucking elevator shaft most likely.