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Type: Distortion
Original Date Of Manufacture: 1978
Inputs/Outputs: 1/1

  • Tone
  • Level
  • Distortion

This was the first extremely popular BOSS effect in compact-pedal form. It provides a biting distortion effect, while being able to clean up nicely upon guitar volume rolloff. Very versatile, this pedal can capture any number of tones, from classic rock styles to metal styles, and from heavy crunch to long creamy sustain for soloing. Many popular artists have used this pedal, including Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. This pedal is nearing its 25th anniversary, and for good reason.

This pedal was originally made in Japan, and with the rest of the BOSS lineup had its production moved to Taiwan in the late 80's. It's often said that the Japanese version of any BOSS pedal made in both locations has much nicer tone than its Taiwanese counterpart.

Information gathered from personal experience.