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Okay, I've just been reading all the pigtails write ups and I was inspired to node this.

Afro puffs are very much like pigtails except that those who sport them have very, very curly hair. With regular pigtails, the hair is collected in a couple of ponytail holders/hair ties/scrunchies/whatever and hangs down from either side of the wearer's head. At best, pigtails have some bounce to them (the corkscrew kind are especially cool). At worst, they hang limply and sadly like clusters of depressed wet noodles. Afro puffs, on the other hand, do not hang at all. The hair of an afro puffer is so curly that it defies gravity, poofing out in all directions. A person with such poofy hair can go through the motions of creating some pigtails, but the resulting hairdo more resembles a couple of pom poms sitting atop the head rather than little piggies' rear appendages.

There are varying degrees of afro puffiness spanning from short, cute, compact little well-kempt puffs to all out tangled and massy biohazards. I think they look best when they are about three to four inches in diameter and are evenly roundish and neat but not flawlessly spheric orbs of hair.

This hair style is especially cute on little kids.