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My threshold is broken. I mean this literally. There is something wrong with the metal strip that covers the place where my building's hallway meets my condo's entryway. It is supposed to be held in place by three screws, but the screws do not stay in place. They pop up; the threshold wobbles; I trip as I enter or leave home. It was not always like this. My threshold broke around the time Steve and I broke up.

It is important to keep the entrance to one's home properly maintained. A broken threshold is VERY bad feng shui. I whipped out a screwdriver and tried to drive the screws into place, but they will not bite into the floor. The screws are not stripped; I do not understand. It must be something cosmic or emotional. It is a metaphor that has manifested itself in reality.

sta·sis /ˈsteɪsɪs, ˈstæsɪs/ stey-sis, stas-is –noun, plural sta·ses /ˈsteɪsiz, ˈstæsiz/ stey-seez, stas-eez
1. the state of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces.

It is dangerous to enter or exit my home, so it seems that right now no one should come into or go out of my life. Equilibrium sounds better than stagnation. Thank you for the positive spin, Mr. Dictionary.