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A book so pedantic that some may find that the author's sole purpose was to prove to the world that he thinks he is a genius.

While one may learn many interesting things by reading through it, those who are already familiar with the subject matter find only that the author tries to capitalize on the sagacity of others in a repetitive manner. "Look what these other brilliant people have discovered! But wait, I am more clever because I used what knowledge they uncovered and carried it unimaginatively further such that the subjects could be interconnected through the use of fictional characters!!" would summarize what the book would say about itself when speaking from the author's point of view, if that makes any sense at all to anyone.

Recently a 20th anniversary edition of the book was released with a preface by the author. In summary, the preface says that the author did not correct any of the (numerous) mistakes in his book because, while acknowledging the errors, it was perfect as it was. Of course, the rest of the book is identical to the initial release.