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To make (people think) the world (is) a Better Place (ha!)
Music, Physics, Chemistry and soon Materials
I'm Free!!! (until October 2005)
None, but I've been finding myself chanting Yorke lyrics like mantras recently.
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OK people, listen up. If you downvote a write-up, /msg the writer to say why. I get really pissed off when I get downvotes with no reasons. Anyway, nine times out of ten the writer will correct his heinous mistake.

There is no Right or Wrong, only the Pain and Pleasure of individuals.
Biography bit
Spring 2004: I was born on the dark and stormy night of 10/6/86 (-that's the tenth of June to me). Things progressed from there, and I lived in London for 14 years. Right now I'm currently at Winchester College, in my last term. It's nice to be the top of a (rather bizarre) pile - although my superior position to the minions around me is frequently neither recognised nor respected. When this happens, I usually use a cattle prod or other such device to exert my authority and get what I want. It's fun being a top-year in an utterly archaic and outdated insular society...
&nsb; &nsb I took Physics, Chemistry and Maths A-level last year, and this year I'm taking Japanese GCSE and Music and Further Maths A-level.

I play the trumpet to (ABRSM) grade 8 standard and piano to a bit beyond that. I've recently started jazz as well, which I'm finding both interesting and challenging.

2nd September 2004: I've finished school!! Yay!
I'm sitting at home right now about to go to France for a week, with plans to go to Italy on an Art History course in November, then to Japan for three months next spring (2005), the first month of which will be spent in a school in Azabu, Tokyo. I'm looking forward to seeing the sakura.

15th October 2004: I'm sitting at home doing nothing but wait for November and Italy. I do feel I might be using my time slightly better - each day seems to be a succession of procrastinations, like I'm still waiting for school to start again. Is it going to be like this forever? I don't know. (God, I hate it when people ask and answer questions like that. Mental note: don't do it again). My chief occupations these past weeks have been listening to music, especially Radiohead, trying to learn C, trying unsuccessfully to apply for jobs, wasting copious amounts of money on eBay and ignoring my social life (assuming I ever had one to begin with). I feel so much better about life when I have a good time with other people, but it seems like such an effort to actually get to do anything. Plus it seems like the goals I set myself, such as finishing a given book before I leave for Italy, are becoming ever harder as time slips away without my doing anything. I feel like I'm just struggling to stay where I am as far as things like my sleep patterns go. Ah well, I'd better try and make the most of it.

The previous paragraph may have made it sound like I'm pretty depressed at the moment, but that's not the case. In fact, my being happy may be the cause of my inaction. I just feel faintly dissatisfied for not getting much done.

I'm now sitting in the Pantheon internet café. Just thought you might like to know.

Favourite music:
Classical: Chopin Ballades and Scherzos, Debussy (pretty much all of the piano music), Bartok Piano Concerti...
Pop/Rock: Jeff Buckley, Maroon 5, Led Zeppelin, The Darkness, Radiohead, Forss - Soulhack, Sigur Ros Pink Floyd (Pre- and post-departure of Syd Barrett)...
Jazz: Charles Mingus, Thomas Stanko, Oscar Peterson, Thelonius Monk, Brad Mehldau...

Nodes I'm currently working on:
I like to be spontaneous. See my scratch pad for the more pre-meditated stuff. That is, if I can bring myself to be diligent and putting it there before I node it.