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The new parking deck at school finaly got finished late last week. This 8-story behemoth is now the tallest structure on campus, aside from one of the dorms (which has an equal number of floors, but each floor is 14 ft. high). You can easily see Manhattan from the 5th floor. Anyway, today's weather was rather nasty, with moderately fast wind speeds and cold, biting rain. Anyone coming into the deck from this weather was probably not in the mood to traverse the stairs. I entered one of two elevators, and hit the button for the 7th floor. Some guy, soaking wet, came running at it, saying "hold that for me, please!" As the doors close, I made an exaggerated lunge forward, and screamed "noooooooooo!" as the doors close just out of my reach. Of course, I stopped short on purpose. I was smart enough to bring an umbrella and didn't want some wet guy dripping right next to me.

Evil Rating: 2.4/10 - I had done this many times before, and these elevators are pretty fast. There would be another one ready to go in 30 seconds. 0.4 bonus for enjoying it so much.