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DJ and producer. Born in Queens and started deejaying at the age of 12. His childhood revolved around graffiti and breakdancing, and his deejaying reflected that. He played what he calls "the hip hop of '83, which was mainly electro-dance music."

He was influenced by house music when it came to New York in 1986. He released a record under the name 2 On Wax called "Funky Bonus Beat." He then got a break with the Nu Groove label in 1989 and released several house records under the name Code 6. He also released records on the Easy Street, Atmosphere, Trax, and Transmat labels before he debuted on the then-prominent Belgian label R&S.

In 1991 his anthemic "Energy Flash" track ushered in a new style of techno music. It was minimalist, bass-heavy, and sampled the whisphered words "ecstacy, ecstacy." He unintentionally nurtured the hardcore genre in 1992 with "Mentasm" and "Vortex." He released the acid techno album Places on the Tresor label in 1995, and Close Grind on the NovaMute label in 1996 as Jb3.

He continues to DJ worldwide, drawing large audiences in Europe and metropolitan centers in the United States.