Directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1975, this movie is surprisingly often overlooked when discussing this great director. A tragic drama unfolding in 18th century Europe, the movie describes the life of the adventurer and rogue Barry Lyndon and is based on William M. Thackery's novel of the same name. The movie gives numerous examples of Kubrick's attention to detail - for example, actual antique clothing were acquired by Kubrick's team of tailors, who made replicas of them for 6 months before shooting began. To simulate the badly-lit interiors of the time, all lighting on the movie set was natural. Since the movie was shot in 35mm widescreen format, this meant hundreds of candles and oil lamps was needed in a single room. Kubrick also had to use state-of-the-art NASA camera lenses to make this possible. With fabulous photography, a beautiful setting and a strong and dramatic story, Barry Lyndon is a classic, and in my opinion Kubrick's best movie.