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Biography of Frank Grimes (or "Grimey" as he liked to be called):

Abandoned by his parents at age four, Frank spent his childhood years as a delivery boy, delivering toys to more fortunate children. On his eighteenth birthday, he was tragically blown up in a silo explosion. During his recovery from that accident, he earned a degree in nuclear physics through a correspondence school, also earning a minor in determination.

Frank's struggle through those tough times was told to the public during an episode of "Kent's People." Little did he know that his story would gain the interest of a rich local by the name of Montgomery Burns. Burns, the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, immediately called for Grimes to hold a high management position at the plant in reward for his adversity; only to replace him with a heroic collie dog before he could take the position.

Grimes was instead given a position in the plant's Sector 7G, where he met a co-worker whose perfection of the art of slack would eventually push Grimes over the edge and be his undoing. Frank Grimes met with a tragic death when his impersonations of his happy-go-lucky co-worker, Homer Simpson, eventually cascaded into self-electrocution from high voltage electrical mains.

During Grimes' funeral, his friends and co-workers were suprised to find out from one of the speakers that he preferred to be known as "Grimey."

Some people have speculated that Grimes' death was just a coverup, and that he still occasionally appears around the town of Springfield; others call this nonsense.