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My date with Sara went fairly well. I forgot most of the questions I wanted to ask her, and there were a few awkward silent times, but she was very nice. I bought her a flower. She said it's the first time anyone has given her one, and then she gave me a big hug. She seemed to be a little more casual about the whole event than I was, but that may just be her being shy. We're both shy, so it's kind of an odd relationship :)

I sort of hoped we could have been a little closer most of the time, but that may have been my fault for not taking the initative. She also told me that she is going to be busy for the next week with various things, but she just sent me an email saying she got home safe and she enjoyed it and is interested in getting together again.

I did get to learn a lot about her. She has done so many things in the past year, and has some big plans for this year. I look forward to getting to know her better, and perhaps build up a close relationship, but she says that she intends to go to europe this fall for a study abroad program.

I listened to her quite a bit, and I managed to keep the talk ratio at about 5:1. I'm a bit rusty on my verbal communication skills. I need to learn to slow down my pace when speaking. I get ahead of myself too easily, so I skip words or syllables, then I feel really goofy when I hear myself.

I'm going to go reply to her email now and get some sleep - I'm exhausted. I'll come back to this node and add details to it tomorrow.

I was really tired last night. I forgot to mention my shopping spree before my date. I spent about $200 getting some nice clothes, shoes, cologne, and a pink rose. I bought a cologne called Lucky You, which is fairly new but I like it.

She said that she is interested in getting together again, so I guess I need to think of something interesting. She says she likes going on nature trails, so I might check into that.