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I crave love.
The world craves love.
We want to love so much, yet it is something we can't give ourselves. We need someone to love us in order to fulfill our craving for love. Yet there is another way to fulfill this craving for love, and that is to give love.
Rav Nachman of Bratslav says love is coming down into this world every second, every billionth of a second. It's flowing down. The only thing is, you must have the sense to pick it up.
What a wonderful thing to be surrounded by. We need glasses to color everything we see with the color of love.
Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach taught:
"If I love a girl very much, and I find out she is not so good, and I decide I won't see her anymore, the problem is not that she is bad, but that I don't really love her so much. If whatever she did wrong can destroy my love, then my love wasn't so strong! But if I really love her, and someone says; 'Listen, she's a terrible girl,' I would say: 'I don't care.' It doesn't mean that I don't care for her being wrong, but that her doing wrong doesn't reach the place where I love her. My love is so high, that the wrong she did remains lower, and doesn't reach the love."

"The question is not how much you love someone when you love each other. The question is how much you love them when you hate each other."