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A band stabled in Trumansburg, New York. They have been touring together since forming in Ithaca, New York in 1987. Currently their lineup consists of:

For those fond of categorizing bands by comparing them to other groups, at times Donna the Buffalo sounds like the Grateful Dead with a strong zydeco influence. The accordian plays a big role in this. At times they will veer towards country (influenced by the pedal steel), but with a folk twist. One site describes them as "American roots-rock," whatever that means.

Not that I'm an expert, since I've only heard them once live (March 5, 2002, at the Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts) and on a live CD of theirs (August 8, 1998).

I'll be seeing them again next time they come through though.


  • Live from the American Ballroom (2001)
  • Positive Friction (2000)
  • Rockin' in the Weary Land (1998)
  • The Ones You Love (1996)
  • "The Purple One"/Donna the Buffalo (1993)