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An internet company founded by crazy millionaire Josh Harris (creator of Jupiter Communications) in 1994. Pseudo was originally borne out of Josh Harris' infamous downtown NYC art parties, and hired as chat-based entertainment content providers for Prodigy. Soon thereafter, Pseudo created a chat-enhanced streaming audio internet radio station. In 1997, Pseudo created the first ever streaming video internet television network, and quickly went on to dominate the now almost non-existant world of streaming media websites.

Initially very experimental, Pseudo became more corporate and refined towards the end. This resulted first in a much higher quality of production, but everything took a turn for the worse in the summer of 2000. Pseudo hired former CNNfn VP David Bohrman as their new CEO. In June of 2000, he fired 60 employees, and radically restructured the entire company. All of the original channels and shows were cancelled, and replaced with "Pseudo Center," a live 10 hour show that occured every weekday, with different hosts rotating in and out each hour. The new pseudo only lasted two months before the entire company folded in September of 2000, due to the changes in the market place for dotcom companies at that time.