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A question arises while reflecting upon the politically fractured landscape of the United States in early 2001: Is now a time for more state's rights, or for stronger federal government?

Either could be said to provide healing effect, while both could also be argued to cause harm.

Looking on the bright side, strong federal would bridge ideological differences and strengthen the US through Unity. On the dark side, A strong federal government could also cause resentment in the south, which has been a hotbed of state's rights concerns since the nation was formed.

More state's rights could allow ideological differences to coexist peacefully but existing differences could also continue to tear the country apart as historical precedent has shown them to have done in the Civil War, a war begun mostly over state's rights*.

During one of the myriad interviews I watched during the election debacle, Jesse Jackson made an eloquent statement about state's rights:
The Union won the war.
* Slavery was also a cause of the Civil War, but the south saw this unspeakable evil as an issue for states to choose.