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A two-year state institution in Gallatin, Tennessee, founded in 1971, with a current student population of around 7,000.

VSCC is a member of the Tennessee Board of Regents System, and as such, courses can be easily transferred to member schools such as Middle Tennessee State University and Ausin Peay State University.

Despite its relatively small size, it offers several curriculums of study, most notably nursing.

Also affectionately known as "Harvard on the Highway" and "Last Chance University," for both its close proximity to Highway 31-E and its student body comprised of a fair amount of fuck-ups, drug addicts, drop-outs, and the mentally ill.

Despite this, campus crime is low, and it maintains a reputation as one of the best two-year schools in Tennessee.

I graduated from here, and I recommend it to anyone living in the area who is unsure about the whole college thing. Scholarships and financial aid are freely available to the financially disadvantaged.

Homepage is at http://www.volstate.edu.