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I am adopted, and people often ask me questions about my biological mother. They ponder my disinterest in this woman.

I don't feel any real connection to my biological mother. She was nothing more than a human incubator. That isn't meant to sound cruel. She gave me up for whatever reasons, hopefully she wanted a life for me that was good, and didn't know if she could provide that for me.

I don't feel the need to dredge up hard emotions for her. I have nothing more than mere curiosity surrounding the events that must have happened to cause her to give up her child. I am curious about my medical history.

One of the biggest reasons I probably don't feel like seeking her out, is because I was born in Seoul, South Korea. If I even found her, I wouldn't be able to even talk to her without a translator. That probably puts some distance on the whole issue for me.

Others who have been adopted from other countries like me seem to be like-minded. Maybe the physical issues, like the fact that it was impossible for us to think our parents were our birth parents forced us to accept this very early. So it never became a big deal.