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Ok.. I regretfully admit that I am boy crazy. I have been since I had my first boyfriend in pre-school. His name was Craig. We used to play "Star Wars", and I'd be the princess, and he would use my pink flipout comb as a light-sabre. Boys have always been my weakness. Even when I am not looking, part of me is still waiting to run into my dream guy, so I can try to woo him.. or make him want to court me.. *teehee* I am just a sappy doe-eyed girl (as much of one as I can be, while still being HARDCORE!@)

Symptoms of a girl who is having an attack of boy craziness: (it is like epilepsy.. it lays dorment, and can strike at anytime.. but it never goes away for good)

Uncontrollable smile, abnormal behavior (as if she is frequenting places, or activities she doesn't like), a sudden urge to bake cookies and things for certain guy friends, a large amount of noding where the topic somehow has something to do with the same guy.. over and over