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In the present, does it always feel like everything that can be done has been done? Is there anything new? Did people feel like that in 1900? Well, obviously there were still new things to do then, but now we've done them. What do you think?

I'm warning you now, I can't spell.

People who have c!ed me:

I don't yet have the of C!, but when I do, my first one will go here. I've linked to that node entirely too many times. The easiest way to get my votes is to have a write-up where my pipe links go, thus saving me the trouble of making one.

Junkets makes notes in the margins.

I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups.

I joined the covenant on January 1, 2002.
As of January 1, 2002, factual writeups constituted 92% of my total writeups.

That's all for now. See ya, folks.