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Meaning: Boyfriend, girlfriend, special friend, slut, whore, boy toy, gigolo, lover, dear, wife, husband, pimp, hot babe, master, slave, girl I score with, guy I’m shacking up with, and so many more.

Instead of choosing one of these terms to say you can easily say significant other. Assume you meet a man on the street give him two free tickets for something and say "Why don't you take your girlfriend?" "Umm I'm married" "I'm gay" and other lines kind of ruin the moment in our Politically Correct society.

The way that we have come up with this is to say "significant other" a way to just say "who ever you want to bring who's special to you." It's considered the most politically correct term and actually is used more often then those other terms that people try to push on others. Of course if you know a person well and actually know which way they swing especially if you know their "significant other" personally, using this term will usually get you stared at if not more.

About the only way you can lose out with this term is if this happens
You: "Why don't you bring your significant other?"
Other Guy: "Umm, dude.... I'm single"
and unfortunatly the only comeback is "Why don't you just bring your left hand?"

Good luck and see you at the next party, make sure you bring your significant other.....