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So as many of you know, ushdfgakjasgh had his account locked here as a result of his general unwillingness to cooperate with the E2 staff and his penchant for dubious mischief, including creating a disruptive chatbot and locking one user out of her account through the use of the CONTAINED_STUFF bug. Upon being locked out, he proceeded to annoy the vast majority of us by creating endless secondary accounts for the sole purpose of expressing his displeasure with being locked out in the first place, and claiming something akin to seniority (or at the very least, expressing the idea that the sum of his goodwill here trumped whatever complaints we had against him.)

But after months of essentially a tedious stalemate, I took it upon myself to allow him back on to the site using the alias doctor wilson. If he can play nice (as defined by me) for 90 days, he will be allowed to resume using his ushdfgakjasgh account.

To clarify: I (Kyle) am the only administrative contact for his actions here. If there are any problems, questions, or issues regarding him that need to be addressed, send them to me. Period. He's my responsibility because, frankly, nobody else is willing to give him the time of day. Life goes on.

Historically, E2 has been a bastion of unofficial policies and administrative latitude with regards to both rewards and discipline. However, as ush has made clear, we need some more bureaucracy and systemic help to deal with the inevitable issues that arise out of being a user-driven site with actual people sitting behind computers. With that in mind, we will be rolling out some more clearly defined Terms of Service and community guidelines, as well as some official administrative departments and procedures for handling all conflicts with users, be they between other users, with the staff, or with the site as a whole.

If there are any questions, please contact me and I will be glad to assist you.