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I went to catholic school for nine years. It is all a matter of perspective when relating one's experiences.

I received a detention for wearing elf boots. And for wearing a sweatshirt over my uniform on a chilly winter day. A friend of mine was suspended for three days for coming to school with his hair spiked. I understand that following the school's dress code allows for the reduction of distraction and prejudice, but this was at an age where I felt the need to express myself. Unfortunately, I was highly influenced by punk music at the time so the school did what it had to do.

Most catholic schools are private meaning you must pay to attend. My family was poor. My sister and I were given the privilege of attending for free as long as my mother was active in church affairs. A very nice thing for the school to do, yet all my uniforms were old and beat up since we purchased them from a thrift shop. Most of the children I went to school with were rich. I was often reminded by the children that I was poor and not worthy to be their friends. Once, in fact, I was told by a girl, "your not invited to my birthday party 'cause you are poor and can't afford a nice gift." (Sounds like a South Park episode, eh?) Meanwhile, I was learning the teachings of Jesus. 'Love one another as I have loved you' just didn't make sense anymore.

There are numerous other experiences, but this is all my perspective. Catholic school did give me a solid education and it imprinted upon me good morals even though I presently do not practice Catholicism.