My love waits for me--
     I am steaming through my mind,
The cold gray summer rain splashing,
And me, I am here in this mind-trap, sitting quietly
He told me I was beautiful today
Each day past
And perhaps each day forward
This love is a mystery; exotic, intense
I, the tapestry
He, the craftsman--
          I wonder... how long it will last
 --There is a break in reality--
     A man, different, sits next to me early morning
     In a crowded airport
     Giddy laughter and stale cigarettes hang on the air
     He smiles at me--
     In a still moment, we size eachother up
     Both wondering, in different ways,
     Where we've come from, where we're going
     Standing now-- "I'll see you later," he says
     An awkward hug breaking the chain of events
     And he is pulled into the swirl of the pushing crowd,
     Lost from that day forth--
     Tampa to Jacksonville, Jacksonville to Baltimore
     Baltimore to... nowhere... the end...
     This ride is over.
Full-throttle into the present--
My love
Still, my love waits patiently for me
All technecalities lost, hindsight gone
     The fresh breath of air after a musty cyberfuck

          -I run to him-
And at long last, am fulfilled.

_End transmission_