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In this sterile unforgiving room time is dripping
slowly across my face and over through tiles blue
(a composed order of repetition in cracked veins)
its webbing so paper-thin so marble translucent
Covers spidery fingers like a death shroud fading
numb and complacent in a forgotten pirouette

Now goes through my head are childhood memories of pirouettes
in dust and sunbeams and lounging in the bath, water dripping
off my face like wax and edible catharsis fading
down eyebrow, down eye, down nose soapy and blue
Innocence in the face of life seems translucent
Within the depths of princess let’s-pretend veins

In this sterile unforgiving room the nurse attaches veins
to IV, somnambulant fluids spiraling dancers’ pirouette
through waiting arms, blood and despair pumping translucent
desperate. Soon this life inside me will be dripping
past secret caves of feminine and warm clotted blue
I wonder, will I feel it fading

The trains rushing past me screamed as I faded
through layers of drug and consciousness, sleep in veins
slaughtered and intangible with electric blue
narcolepsy—my thoughts are thoughts are not pirouetting
from the lack of you and your hurt inflicted dripping
over gauze psyche in morphine-soaked translucence.

In this sterile unforgiving room I awake translucent;
The invisible woman in utero, her insides fading
pained across stretched bellies calms me as blood falls dripping
from violated thighs; baby reaching hateful towards veins
of cold and ice, and its mute death cries pirouette—
razor sharp, piercing, stale blue.

Now bruises haunt at night, whispering blue
across the landscape of dreams, something translucent
and skittery dark (Halloween again; we pirouette
through one more year of hand-clench black fading
out constricting veins)
My thighs are damp again with blood; excavated, dripping

In this sterile pirouetting room of cold and blue
drugs dripping behind my eyes; lifeless, uncaring, translucent
I watch you pulled from me, fading past emotion to be cradled in death’s veins.