My mother gives me a child to take care of. I am a child too, but a little older.

The child's head falls off. Completely. I am horrified and put it back on. The child breathes and seems fine. This is not possible. The head keeps falling off and every time I get it and put it back. The child is alive, every time. I am terrified that it will stop breathing and anyhow, how can it live like this? And none of the adults care. They don't notice. I timidly try to tell them, but I have to watch the child every moment. And quick, put the head back.

I ask my friend the shipwright for help. Epoxy. He agrees the whole thing is bizarre and he says he takes care of boats, not people. But he mixes up the epoxy. We will glue the head on. It can't be alive with the head falling off, but since it is, we might as well try to help it.

I wake up.