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I am in a cell in a dark room. Not completely dark, more horror movie dim. The place is really dirty and poorly organized. Icky. There are people working who come in and out. It's hard to tell if they are pirates or slaves. They are sullen and dirty too.

A sullen dirty pirate worker comes to my cage and opens the door. "Shhhh!" she says. It's my sister, grundoon, Chris. "I can get you out of here, but you have to behave. We may have to go by the Queen and you need to fool her."

"Act like a sullen dirty pirate slave." I whisper.

"Shhhh!" she whispers back, laughter in her voice.

We work our way up through the castle or fortress or whatever. Then I am sitting with a group of pirate slaves in front of the Queen. Grundoon is at the other end. The Queen watches us all sharply. She is very smart and very observant. I am sure the pirate slaves are rewarded for turning each other in. I try to sit like the others, head hung a bit, eyes down, dejected, beaten and sullenly obedient. The Queen offers me a biscuit, though it's what we in the US would call a cookie. I glance down the line wondering if I should take it.

I wake up.

Laughing. The dream is about work. Hmmm, the other medical providers in primary care, doctors, PAs, ARNPs, are the sullen dirty pirate slaves. I am trying to figure out how to do good care in the 20 minute visit and the disorganized mess is both the electronic medical record and the patient charts. I know who the Queen is at the job: well, it's more than one person. The spying is partly epic, the EMR, which apparently generates reports telling exactly what I am doing in the system at any one time. Do not go to the bathroom, you'll have to account for the time. The Walmart warehouse people think they have it bad. Well, they do.

My sister has shown up to tell me to keep my head down and blend in. She knows quite well that I suck at it.

Think they are watching E2? Don't turn me in!

Time for a betting pool! Can the lizard blend in?