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Grand Bitch takes Iron Bitch and her sister to dinner.

Iron Bitch is 19. She is just trying her wings. Black silky wings and clawed hands.

Grand Bitch has a house in West Virginia. It is an elegant community, with rules. Only certain colors of paint are allowed.

Grand Bitch has a friend, Bonsai Man, help her landscape. She wants some big rocks. He wrestles big rocks out of his pick-up, with much cursing. He digs a hole for the prize and sets up upwards in the hole. It is fat and sturdy with a bit of a knob at the top.

Grand Bitch is watching. He steps back to look too.

"I don't think so." says Grand Bitch. "Too much for the entrance."

He starts laughing. He redigs the hole and lays the phallic rock horizontally. Grand Bitch often pats the rock as she passes. She is widowed.

Bonsai Man heads home and Grand Bitch takes her granddaughters out to celebrate, at the restaurant that belongs to the elegant community. They dress up.

The waitress comes and Grand Bitch orders a gin and tonic. Iron Bitch orders a whiskey sour.

"Are you old enough for that?" says Grand Bitch.

"Yes." snaps Iron Bitch, who isn't.

"Of course you are," says Grand Bitch majestically. She smiles at the tortured looking waitress, who is torn between demanding ID and respect for an owner. Respect wins out. Grand Bitch smiles seraphically as the drinks are delivered and dinner proceeds.

Iron Bitch is annoyed but also full of admiration at the skills used to make absolutely everyone at the table uncomfortable. Even her sister had whispered a protest at Grand Bitch when the waitress went away. The feet of the mistress walk on her daily.