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I am not really that attached to gender.
I've always thought that love is love
and who cares what birth sex or chromosome arrangement
people have
since nature's diversity
is beyond insane

I am not sure I would marry again
there is so much attached to the archetype
of a married couple

and no two are alike
in their conscious
much less unconscious
and then project the unconscious expectation
it makes me tired just thinking of it

I agree that we are all fighting a battle
but I think it is always with ourselves
avoid avoid avoid
things that we fear
when we should go towards them
and embrace them
for our fears are the demons
we've chained in our unconscious

what is defeat?
loss of money?
loss of power?
the only defeat I have
is when I try to avoid myself
my true self
my dark self and my light self
there is no defeat
except my own failure
to admit my true self

I love who I love

whether they love me back

or not