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Preparing for tsunamis and the zombie ebola apocalypse: Day 4

Today there is a practice tsunami warning in the morning. She gets the all clear phone call, but didn't hear the warning. Her house is on a hill, at least 30 yards above the sound. If a tsunami is higher than that, well, yuk, it might not be fun to watch what happens to Seattle anyhow......

A friend has shown her his emergency and bug out kit. It is all organized on a neat wagon. There are matches and a lighter in each of the bags which could be carried. He has MREs.

Dr. Lizard thinks about the woods and a time hiking when racoons nearly tried to sit in her lab*. They had a bear container, which really protected against the racoons. At least, there were not bears around that day. But it was a metal barrel, because it's a very well traveled hike on the Olympic Peninsula. So if one is going to hang out in the woods for any length of time, one needs critter proofing for the food supplies, soap, medicines, anything even remotely edible.

She goes back to the hardware store, buys:

1. Two 15 gallon metal buckets with tight lids and one 10 gallon one.

2. Three carpenter plastic buckets with tight lids. They might not be bear proof. Hanging up in a tree, they might be ok.

3. Some stocking stuffers. There is a sour candy spray that lights up when you press a button. This is useless, stupid, toxic and Dr. L. buys two. She also buys a bag of individually wrapped toxic looking sour candy larvae. Eee-yuk. There aren't any candy ebola yet. She hopes ebola will be contained, no one will have to hide in the woods and everyone will have hazmat suits and start wearing masks on airplanes and we'll all live happily ever after, each adopting an orphan or two. However, she is not holding her breath.

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