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I feel that you are leaving me
In the dark

I am standing half in light
Half in shadow

The shadow is harder to love
But without loving the shadow
The light is not as brilliant

You are not there
When I call
You don't call me back
When I beg
I wait by the phone
For an hour and a half
After you said you'd call
Then I unplug it
Until I can manage the pain

My devil is angry
Abandoned, jealous
In pain
My angel understands
That after what you have endured
You may need to dwell in the light
For a while
And leave the dark
It is hard to ride
With a foot on each horse
The dark and the light
Feeling both
Feeling split between
My angel says
You are the one
Who knows best what you need

My devil snorts
What of my needs?
What of me
What about when I was there?

You too must care for your own needs
Replies my angel
You know that
You just don't like it
Grumpy, you have already acted
Called others in the circle
Of those who know you
And might have the resources
At the moment
To reply

And in the end
The world owes you nothing
You are blessed just by being
Loved to be present
Feeling pain, feeling joy

I watch you step
Into the light
I could go too

But riding my horses
A foot on each
Balance on the edge of the sword
I fear falling
But there is no where
I would rather be

Go with my love
And blessings