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Ok, Liz, you whacked out rural alien lizard doctor you, what's this about tubulin augmenting antibodies? Are you crazy? Give us an example.

My ex, my daughter and my son.

My ex dropped out of college. He worked in a Co-op Bakery, there at the midnight or 1 am hour to start the morning dough. Bakery work is physical. However, he says that his goal was also to do five sports a day. On a typical day he would play 18 holes of golf, play tennis, swim, bike forty miles and do some other sport AND work. He has amazing endurance. He talks me into my first decent bicycle. His goal, "Buy the lightest bike you can and make it do all the work." He has biked ten times the distance I have. He STILL does multiple sports daily at age 67. He jokes to me that he doesn't need to take testosterone, he just goes to spin class where he is the only guy and "rides in the back". "The view is AWESOME!" Last time he came here, he and my son went and biked UP Hurricane Ridge. He also is not interested in speed on bicycles at all. He goes the speed of talking: he bikes at a speed where he can talk the entire time.

My daughter starts synchronized swimming at age 7. She loves it, way more than dance, and I can see that she partly loves it because it is darn near impossible. You can't do it. It takes years to be able to do anything and then you have to do it all upside down in the water while holding your breath. In high school she switches to swim team because the synchronized swim team can't quite jump to the Junior level. She swims 3-5 miles six days a week and does mountain bike team. I watch her swim an 800. The two coaches are watching her too, and timing. "The weird thing about the IT," says one coach, "Every 200 she gets faster. It's as if she is just getting warmed up." She is fastest on her last 200, significantly. She loves the long distance. Her muscles really don't seem to care about oxygen. Weird.

My son goes to Thailand at age 16, and is in Trang. He starts running. "It's weird, mom." he says. "I like to run best when it's hot. Everyone else goes inside at 1 pm and that's when I want to go running. It feels just great." Distance again. If we all have the capacity for these weird antibodies, I am glad my children have their father's tubulin antibody and not mine.* My son lives in Maryland currently, so he can hot run all summer.

Now YOU name some sports figures who do things that just seem impossible. And think of the stories and the comic superheroes: Superman and all the others. Maybe that isn't quite as made up as you would think. Remember that these antibodies can be triggered by the mother being ill, or by stress or illness or both. Caesar, ripped untimely from his mother's womb.

*They probably have both mother and father antibodies. Because we would inherit from both parents. But one antibody would have stronger affinity for the receptor than the other. And my children may express either my mother's or my father's antibody pattern so they don't necessarily have the same ones. So people would not have four antibodies, but four pairs... Could they have equal affinity? Probably. Isn't genetics fun?