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Well, vaccine refusal and vaccine reluctance.

It doesn't surprise me.

Patients do bad things to themselves all the time. All of my patients are smart, but an awful lot of them did and do some monumentally stupid things that they KNOW are stupid:

Let's see.

buckets of alchohol
all the others
drive on drugs/alcohol
vaping anything (hey, those lungs are delicate)
buy rollerblades at a garage sale when you are over 65 and try them, no helmet, fall and break wrist
smoke while on oxygen and light the tubing on fire, nose burns
smoke in bed while on oxygen and burn the house down
make methamphetamines in the house, cooking batteries in the oven, burn house and self down
shoot self or others by accident
shoot self or others on purpose
take the pill your "friend" gives you
chase your neighbor outside while you are buck naked, trying to hit them with a five iron, on a busy Portland street in rush hour (drug: crack)
marijuana before age 25
all the other damn drugs before age 25 and even worse before age 20
get addicted to anything
say it can't happen to me and try the drug/alcohol/gambling/writing on E2
refuse blood pressure medicine
ignore the chest pressure
marijuana when you are losing your memory
taking sleep medicines including prescription ones, marijauna, CBD and especially benzodiazepines
drink soda, and worse yet, drink 6 sodas a day. Or 12.
Eat 4000 calories of sugar daily in a chair in front of the television/computer.
During separation with spouse, ignore diabetes and eat nothing but orange juice and chocolate milk
lie to your doctor during a procedure when you are bleeding more than you ought to
lie to your doctor
refuse vaccines
lie about whether you got a concussion
travel to southern Thailand without checking with the travel clinic on recommended vaccines and getting Japanese encephalopathy, which melts your brain
taking a little extra sleep medicine/opioid/alcohol/benzodiazepine all at the same time while you have pneumonia
refusing the sleep study as your heart falls apart
refusing the treadmill study/heart catherterization/medication/sleep study/antibiotics/to go to the ER when you are septic
getting unopposed estrogen from a naturopath
taking metformin and thyroid medicine from a quack "to lose weight"
taking illegal steroids
taking enhancement drugs
paying for lab work quarterly from a longevity doctor aka quack and buying their supplements
taking multiple supplements (can you say kidney failure?)
refusing to walk and riding everywhere on one of those carts
continuing to smoke the god damned cigarettes

I have written this list straight off the top of my head and will probably think of things to add all day.

So is it oppositional defiance or self medication or what the hell is it? Are people doomed?

Would this be a good Facebutt quiz? "How many of these things to YOU do?" heh.