Can you draw Binky? You may win one of five commercial art scholarships or any one of ten cash prizes!

-1971 ad for Art Instruction Schools


Can you draw Binky?

I’d like a straight answer.

Your mother and I are very concerned.

I could draw Binky when I was your age.

Your mother can draw Binky 

with her eyes closed, I bet.

You have so much potential.

Why can’t you draw Binky?

Your mother and I are worried sick.

Eddie, your cousin

he could draw Binky when he was just five

and Ed never had your potential.

Your mother, god bless her, 

wore herself to a frazzle,

dusting, mopping, wiping down walls.

Making new space for the Binkies you’d draw.

And you knew. Didn’t you.

You knew all along.

Don’t make it worse by lying about it.

Bad enough that you can’t draw Binky.

Someone who has your potential and all.

This has been such a shock.

It’s caused quite a strain;

it’s taken its toll on your mother and me.

For now, we’ve decided separation is best.

So I hope you’re happy.

Mr. I-couldn’t-draw-Binky-if-you-put-a-gun-to-my-head.

I'm a liar. A coward. And I can't draw Binky.

Why don’t you just say it.

Mr. I-had-potential.

Well now it’s too late.