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The walls are pink in Katie's world

Katie's like most other girls

but Katie can’t come out to play

or Katie isn’t here today

Katie's yellow Katie's blue

the lights are off in Katie's room

Katie’s here and Katie’s there

Katie could be anywhere

was she depressed did she seem sad

you hate to ask a mother that

she hasn’t called she hasn’t written

TV says that Katie’s missing

the river turns a blue eye brown

you hate to let a mother down

Katie’s here and Katie’s there

and red barrettes in Katie’s hair

the wind blows white on Katie’s bones

or branches drip on Katie’s clothes

rumors unconfirmed reports

dental records reservoirs

Katie’s purple Katie’s green

Katie would’ve been thirteen

the walls of Katie’s world are red

you hate to drag the riverbed

Katie’s name is everyplace

every sign has Katie’s face

in the woods that picked it clean

shallow grave or deep ravine

there beside the other girls

is all that's left

of Katie’s world.