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At 5:21, 

I walked between the raindrops,

I danced atop the waves of every sea;

the guy said, great location

hardwood floors, and stores nearby.

I said yes on the dotted line

and walked away laughing

at all those suckers I just beat.


At 10:43,

I was still the oyster’s pearl,

potatoes mattered less than pretty vines;

I danced a jig on my hardwood floors,

still giggling at those suckers.

I went to bed, snug and smug, at 11:59.


At 12:02

the building shook

as a stampede passed through;

the windows screamed, the walls quaked,

the floor began to tremble,

it was like a thousand elephants

just exploded in the room.


At 12:06,


I tiptoed to the window

and wondered why I hadn’t seen

the railroad tracks before;

I sighed. I cried.

I couldn’t say he lied.

It was a great location.

So close to where my eardrums lay.

Close to all the stores.


At 12:10

it was crystal clear 

that life is like an ocean,

what you find beneath the waves

also finds you good to eat;

I suspect that as he tips his glass

and buys another round

my landlord laughs and tells the bar,

she signed a two-year lease.