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Sailor man, sailor man,

where have you gone,

we barely had time for goodbyes;

did Jesus come down

with doves on his shoulder,

are there flames at your feet,

are you somewhere much colder.

Sailor man, pilot,

prisoner of war,

do you talk about Hanoi with Jesus;

do you talk about torture

and all that you lost,

does He talk about Romans

and death on a cross.

Sailor man, senator,

straight talk express,

do you talk to the Lord about love;

one wife lay dying

you turned to another,

does Jesus forgive you,

does that give you cover.

Sailor man, sailor man,

are you with Jesus,

did you go with God's love to the light;

did you know they would say

you were foolish and brave,

and a bastard

who fought the good fight.