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Born‎: ‎April 12, 1974

Jennifer Knapp was once well known in the christian music world. Making music and touring in the Christian rock scene for several years, she also battled alcoholism and, finally, herself. Several years into her career she came out as gay and was shunned from the Christian music world, and ultimately took a decade long hiatus to find herself.

She moved to Australia with her tour manager - and now wife, finding peace and solace in the outback.

After a decade she re-emerged into the rock scene, her music and interesting blend of secular and spiritual. She focused her energies on making a safe space for LGBTQIA+ Christians, performing at conferences, colleges, and smaller venues.

In addition to new music, she also published an autobiography; and went back to school for an advanced degree.

She continues to make music and support the christian LGBTQIA+ community.

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