"...O Moon, give me your sublime ray..."
- Alexander Cormier

The Lorialets, (or lunatics, as they are sometimes called), are those who dream of nothing but the moon. Enticed by her glow, they think of her constantly, unsatisfied with their life on earth. Thoughtful, gentle, and imaginative, they always seem to be elsewhere, lost in their thoughts…moonstruck.

There are two theories as to how they came to exist. One, based mostly on Greco-Roman mythology, claims that they are the children of Selene and Endymion. It is said that Selene bore Endymion fifty daughters, and only one son, who traveled to Earth. The Lorialets are his descendants, always wishing to return to the moon. The second theory, mainly expressed in the Chroniques Gargantuines and the Shepherd's Almanac, offers a more common, more familiar explanation. It states that the Lorialets are mere mortals who were conceived in the light of the moon, or those who simply gazed at it far too long. Both theories, however, agree that the Lorialets, like all enchanted children, will never find happiness on the Earth, and will always seek some way to leave the secular reality around them.

The Lorialets are said to be rather small and pale. Due to their detachment from earthly matters, they rarely pay attention to their appearance, having a certain Bohemian habit of dressing as a result. Quiet, melancholic, and solitary, they seek out towers, attics, hidden glades, and all other places that carry some slightly wondrous quality. Great lovers of cats and fireflies, they are talented and intelligent, but look down on using their abilities for "practical purposes". They have excellent powers of prophecy, and have perfected the art of metaphysical travel, but seldom share the knowledge they acquire this way. They live inside themselves, removed from the mundane, their mind roaming the world of dreams and visions.

What I have described above might only seem as a character of European folklore, a myth. And yet, I think that it would be foolish to dismiss the Lorialets as inhabitants of the bygone era of magic and superstition. Society has not altered all that much in the past several centuries. There are still poets, dreamers, misfits, and those who would rather ponder the secrets of life, rather than experience them. No matter what it is called, the essence of the Lorialets is part of human nature.

Look around you.

They are still here.