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Roosevelt Island is a small island, two-fifths of a square mile, off the shore of Manhattan. It is maintained by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, a subsidiary of the state of New York, which began its existence in 1984.

Roosevelt Island is named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and should not be confused with the famous Theodore Roosevelt Island, off the coast of Virginia.

The island has over 8000 inhabitants, both residential and commercial, and lies in the East River. Most service to the mainland is provided by an aerial tram that crosses into Manhattan. Most notably, cars are not allowed on Roosevelt Island, although the "red bus" services much of the area, for only 25 cents. This is the island's major appeal; while there's certainly residual pollution from New York, for the most part it's quite pristine.

Several major movies were filmed partially or entirely on the island, including Spider-Man, Changing Lanes, Keeping the Faith, and the esteemed Zoolander.

The city is a veritable marvel of urban planning. It has a forward-thinking atmosphere; housing is still being developed, but there are so far very few problems in finding a place for the businesses and people that wish to make the island their home.

Roosevelt Island can be accessed by subway, tram, or the 36th Avenue Bridge.