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The New E2
"The proposed changes in The New E2 are almost all designed to alleviate concerns expressed by the current user base. Less elitism, less childish gaming, easier access to the "toys" for everybody. Bones sincerely wants your input." -- Halspal

First vote
Attained level 2 on 27 April 2002 for Ancient Heart, and the following day gave my first vote to Franz Schubert by drownzsurf. Noded for a while more after that but seem to have ground to a halt. Hmm. But I still poke my nose in. Still plenty of paintings to write about.

World's saddest recipe
-- as pointed out in catbox by jessicapierce. I'm a vegetarian (usually) but I need a big bloody steak after reading that.

Bizarre things found on E2

  1. Necronomicon: To Make Ye Powder of Ibn Ghazi

Bizarre things the archive claims I said in the catbox

  • Keep those monkeys stuffed with chocolate
  • /me hides her flying giraffe suit
  • It costs extra to vomit on them
  • A marmalade kitten would give you an orange flavour

Tolerably readable poetry

There slept they wedded under moon and sun
And change of stars: and through the casements came
Midnight and noon girt round with shadow and flame
To illume their grave or veil it; till at last
On these things too was doom as darkness cast:
For the strong sea hath swallowed wall and tower,
And where their limbs were laid in woful hour
For many a fathom gleams and moves and moans
The tide that sweeps above their coffined bones
In the wrecked chancel by the shivered shrine:
Nor where they sleep shall moon or sunlight shine
Nor man look down for ever: none shall say,
Here once, or here, Tristram and Iseult lay:
But peace they have that none may gain who live.
And rest about them that no love can give,
And over them, while death and life shall be,
The light and sound and darkness of the sea.

-- the end of Swinburne's wordy but sometimes very beautiful Tristram of Lyonesse. Nothing to do with E2, I just noticed it recently and liked it.