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Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 13: Hope for the Future
Original U.S. air date: October 26, 2001
Written by: Tom Wyner

Optimus Prime summons all the Autobots back to headquarters to review together their recent encounters with the Predacons, hoping to divine Megatron's future moves. Events from "Battle Protocol," "An Explosive Situation," "Hunt for the Black Pyramid," "The Secret of the Ruins," "Sideburn's Obsession," "Mirage's Betrayal," "Skid-Z's Choice," and "The Ultimate Robot Warrior" are discussed. Optimus describes the device found in the statue's forehead following their most recent battle as an "o-part," and hypothesizes that it's the o-parts which Megatron is ultimately after.

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Three of these recap episodes (100% recycled footage! Contains no original animation!) were created, mainly because they were shown on a weekly basis instead of a daily one in Japan as Transformers: Car Robots. This first recap was shown completely out of order, because "The Secret of the Ruins" was extensively postponed for its own reasons and referring to it in this episode before it was broadcast would confuse regular viewers. Oddly enough, this didn't stop them from showing the second recap episode before one of its referred episodes was broadcast.

An "o-part," it turns out, is a transliteration of a Japanese term for any alien artifact or machine part. In other words, it's not unique to "Robots in Disguise," but is used in other anime series as well, most notably "Master of Mosquiton." What they do, however, is still anybody's guess (save perhaps the still-unconscious Dr. Onishi).