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Transforms from dump truck to robot and back!


"A battle front is only as good as its supply line."

Unhappy with unglamorous role, but understands its importance... helps build Decepticons' massive energy-recovery installations. As vehicle, can carry 90 tons for 1200 miles, use a dual heat-seeking missile mount. As torso module, combines with fellow Constructicons to form giant robot "Devastator". Can be goaded into fight in which he's overmatched.

  • Strength: 9
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Speed: 2
  • Endurance: 9
  • Rank: 4
  • Courage: 8
  • Firepower: 7
  • Skill: 4
Transformers Tech Specs

Long Haul was the first Constructicon I acquired, and one of the better-looking despite the fact that his legs were essentially non-existent (they were formed from the empty payload part of the dump truck). But he never seemed to get any speaking lines in the cartoon, and gradually faded into the background as a result. Maybe his above-mentioned unhappy personality had something to do with it.