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Sensible Software were one of a handful of legendary British games developers for the Amiga (see also Team 17, the Bitmap Brothers and DMA Design). Their games set themselves apart with incredible gameplay and controls, a razor sharp sense of humour, great soundtracks and very small sprites.

Their list of titles reads like a whos who of great Amiga (and Commodore 64) games:

Right, we have covered their great games, and the gameplay speaks for itself if you pick up any of these titles (except perhaps Sensible Golf). Whats next, "razor sharp sense of humour", hmm. Forget Doom and Mortal Combat, the most contreversial computer game of the early 90s was Cannon Fodder. This isometric gorefest (think back to the missions in Command and Conquer where you only got the Secret Agent) was due to be launched on Memorial Sunday, with box graphics consisting of... a poppy. They were forced by parties unknown to change the box graphics to a soldier faintly outlined in camouflage green. All their games carried this dry wit; Sensible Soccer contained several dozen "Custom Teams" with names such as "Girl Scout Badges" and players to match and their manuals were littered with in-jokes and obscure references to their earlier games.

Another Sensible trademark was intro songs. They managed to create mod files containing a fairly complex vocal part and fit this onto a fraction of an 880k disk. The best of these was again from Cannon Fodder, its lyrics are available here.

A lot of their music was written by Captain Sensible.

Their downfall came when, in 1998, they released a long awaited update to SWOS, Sensible Soccer '98. This had lost the magic of the original, and probably lost what was left of their cash. They have not been seen since, a generation mourns their passing.