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Red vinegar is one of my favourite Chinese condiments. It's made with vinegar from rice I believe. It's usually used to dip wontons, dumplings, gyoza or anything really.

This afternoon I was eating wonton noodles and I happened to have a bottle of red vinegar handy. First of all, if you didn't know, Chinese people usually eat wontons with both a spoon (most of the time a soup spoon) and chopsticks. A spoon to fish out wontons and chopsticks for the noodles or wontons. I had previously poured red vinegar into a sauce dish and taken a plump wonton from my bowl of noodles. Then, spooned some red vinegar such that my wonton wouldn't touch the red vinegar in the sauce dish (this is so that the oil/broth does not "contaminate/dillute" the red vinegar...although it really makes no difference once it's in the tummy). Now with your chopsticks you can rotate the wonton so that it's covered with red vinegar and eat it with your chopsticks!

That's just my way of doing it. I know one brand of red vinegar is "Koon Yick" (which is a company that makes many types of Chinese condiments and makes a killer bottle of chilli sauce might I add), but that wasn't the brand I was using. I believe mine was much lighter...oh well.