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It started before I went to bed. It continued intermittently throughout the day until just after midnight at which time there were still thunderous fireworks booming somewhere in the Mission District San Francisco. At that point I wrote the last of my first 16 nodes. Blissful and addled by the comings on of a new addiction.

Anyway, some details from the day which I will come back and link later (I am currently making myself late for work). I made french toast for Danielle, my girlfriend. That went pretty well, and I scrambled up the remainder, cuz there's always some remainder when you make french toast.

I'm working on a play, but I'm avoiding working on the play, it's a long story, or a story at least, I need to face it and give it a good rewrite, cuz it's being put on in the fall and I guess they need to rehearse it beforehand!?

I'm also performing at a dada festival this upcoming weekend, and I have to finish my piece for that. I like it and I need to remind myself that just because the first draft is good doesn't mean I should rest on that--good is okay, polished is good, and then there's a level after that, but I just have to find the concentration and direct the magick power of obsession on that, cuz I obviously have it within me.

We went to El Cerrito for a BBQ, but first we went by Aquarius Records, cuz we were getting a cd gift for our host. Of course I bought 2 things there, becuz it's the most amazing music store in the world. Imagine incredibly hard to find music in the used bin to say nothing of what they have used.

El Cerrito is in the East Bay. We brought a BIG piece of MEAT, more bigger and more MEATy than anyone else at party combinged (heh). It was good.

we came home on BART and saw some fireworks on the way. it was nice. And we read old sci-fi on the BART train--is it wrong to give my girlfriend geeky tendencies?

Last but not least, let me just say that I'm super freakin' happy & proud, cuz I got two writeups Cooled yesterday. It makes up for list of really really bad ideas which no one seems to like. I guess I didn't articulate it well. I have to go now.