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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Cash Rules Everything Around Me
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February 18, 2005
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So if you're reading his you might have noticed I spend a lot of time looking at this website. Work can be slow, ok? I can stop any time I want.

News: I'm moving to Madison in August, where I will begin my evil experiments on polymers. Yeah, you should be scared.

I haven't updated this in a while, and I haven't written much either. I am becoming a paradigm of passivity. We're working on it

I've been graduated

Easily amused
Skilled in the art of balloon animal creation
Skilled in the art of balloon experiment fabrication
There has to be more...

I like...
hipster music
warm weather
science museums
my friends
my parents
Italian food
Blue Skies
cosmic rays
pipe links

This is my cosmic ray detector. It is full of tubes and I love it.

e-mail: ms.julie@gmail.com
AIM: trillium186 (I am never on, sorry)

more later