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Note: This is a reply to a noders write-up (now gone) which roughly stated that there is no reason a female losing her virginity should feel pain and that because there was pain, the intentions of the deflowering male where less than honorable. I leave this here because it has some valid points.

I have to say something to this bit of flagrant ignorance. As some may well know, the size of a given woman's vagina--as the length of a given mans penis--is not the same size nor shape as everyone else. In some rare cases, a woman's vaginal opening is all together non-existent and requires a minor surgical procedure during early adolescence in order for her to even menstruate.
There is almost always blood when the hymen is ruptured and where there is smoke there is fire. This blood does not mystically come from "Hymen Land", it comes from a tear in the skin; torn skin hurts. Torn skin being agitated by a moving penis isn't exactly a day at Disney Land, now is it? Please explain to me how a man with a slightly larger-than-normal penis entering a virgin woman with a slightly smaller-than-normal vaginal opening and tearing it is not going to cause some pain. Really, I am very curious to hear your explanation how the universal laws of physics halt momentarily during the monogamous, "Christian" deflowering of a virgin.
I would also like to point out that often, in some fashion, pain during sex is desirable to the people involved. I feel your hypothesis is staggeringly one-sided. Sex should be whatever the people involved damn well want it to be, not what you have decided it should be for them.

Time to open your eyes there camper; it is a big world and you are apparently already trailing the rest tour group by a few decades.